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Advanced Editor

Customizing your Call Flow with Advanced options!

Here you will find specifics on advanced techniques to add to your call flow.

How to use the Steps as a Varible

Steps may be named and with the data collected, used in other Steps.
Follow this example to set up your Call FLow.

In our example we will get our local weather through an API. First drag the Digits, REST, and Prompt steps into the editor.


Next, name the Digits Step: zipcode and the REST STEP name: weather. We will start the call with text asking for your 5 digit zipcode. We will input this data in the weather URL.


Fill out the REST Step with the local weather URL. Enter {zipcode.value} in place of the actual zipcode listed in the URL. This will get the weather information from your actual area.


Finally, enter text in the Prompt Step, followed by the interpolated value, which will responed with the data from the JSON API.


Call your application, after you enter your 5 digit zip code you will hear the local weather.